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New Starship Reveal In-game Footage!!



  • TheJodaTheJoda Member UncommonPosts: 605
    Originally posted by SteinarB
    Originally posted by TheJoda
    God I cant wait for this game!!!!    I just hope two players can fly one ship ect...

    You're not the only one wishing there was a way to skip the time between now and release, but then we'd miss out on all the updates and info they release regularly. :D


    And what do you mean with two players flying one ship?  You mean like two players sharing their ships so you can let someone else fly your bird if you're not using it (which I believe they're looking at ways of making that possible) or do you mean ships with room for more than one crewman?  Because that last one is already there.  The Freelancer has room for 2 crew (turret gunner and pilot), the Constellation has pilot, 2 turret gunners and 1 fighter pilot for the snubfighter it can launch.  The Idris Corvette and bigger ships will need even more people in order for you to realize their full potential and so on.

    One flys and a gunner for example, or a main pilot and the other launches the snub fighter. 

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