Play this game.

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It downloads pretty fast and installs just as fast.  At least it did for me, and I'm not running on anything fancy for internet.

Now I say play this game for a reason.  It will help you think outside of the box.  It's not a new game, it's not the prettiest game and at this point in time not even the most innovative game, but this game does have and does do some things that will help people understand that things can be done in MMORPG's that are actually fun and useful.

Roads are one example. (you'll see)

Classing is another.

Crafting is a big on for this game.

Play it for a few hours.  Level up to 8 (it's easy) and change classes and level it up a bit, get abilities from both of those classes that you can play with and then change to a 3rd, or 4th.

Play it long enough to change the UI the way you want and set your controls.  Give it that chance that gets you past all the customizations that make games easier and fun for you and then play it for a bit.

You'll be surprised how actually "un-innovative" games are now-a-days.

The game is not prefect and does have it's flaws and frustrations at times, but given the chance it's a better option than most out there today.


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