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Bazil broketail Game would be awesome done right

quseioquseio Member UncommonPosts: 234

Anyone ever read Bazil broketail series ? i think it would make a  great game, coop or mmo either would work

such a fantasy universe would be awesome in a game, and no ones really done the  be a part of a army thing

If your unfamiliar , basicly wingless and flameles (useually wingless) humanoid dragons( theyre still very big) wield swords and stuff and are tended and protected by  young boys who prevent   imps and such from  hamstringing them and so on  tending to their sore feet and feeding them.

You could switch control between dragon or boy, if single player when you march somewhere you , dont march per saY, but when a legion marchs somewhere they stop  to make camp where you must tend to their  feet feed and various camp duties includeing  fighting off animals and attacks by enemies, interacting with your unit, sneaking off for ahem fun.

as you progress in the story you could unlock the various  dragons in the story to play as , like the winged giant purple green or the rare sport color, 

or you could play as a commander and have a  squad of npcs under your command or as a witch/warlock or if evil wizard

or a commander of trolls/imps ogres

There would be other things to do as well when not in a campaign ala traditional fighting monsters wooing wild dragonesses. wild monsters , infiltrateing evil cities

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