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Game needs some decent balancing

dalewjdalewj Member UncommonPosts: 94

I have played the game for about 7 weeks or so now and i am about done with it. I understand its beta, but there haven't been many updates so it seems very gold. I can’t find anyplace i signed a NDR as i have only been in the open beta so i expect i can say this. The game is decent, it allows you to grow from 1 house to much larger (i am well over 10,000 people). That part of it was great. As you get more people there are more things for you to install and balance. For the most part that is fine. The problem they have at the moment is you need to buy stuff from the ingame merchant to keep your higher level people happy. Fine, but the cost of this is huge and i am sure at some point its ok, but they need to get rid of that part.

Balancing - really needs help. Some things just make no sense how much they cost and what they give you for it. It seems that every layer higher you get the cost of making your people happy doubles. This means you stop playing 8-10 times a day and end up twice a day. The more people play the more they stay. If i am down to twice a day i really am not going to put effort in it

Socs - the system really doesn't do anything. It gives you a combined chat to talk, that is about it. IT needs some growth

store - is actually reasonable, the cost of things is a bit expensive at the top end but if you want a huge leg up you should pay 30-40 usd. More stores should be like this one.

Overall rating was a B+ when i started, and now it’s a C- cause of the balancing and costs and lack of playing time. My only other question is what happens when u get to the end of game? I hardly got there but i was only about 75% done. Hopefully they will produce a ton of good updates and the game will thrive.


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