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[LmA] Leth mori Aiwe [RolePlay/PvE/PvP]

Xar0neXar0ne Member UncommonPosts: 4

An organization whose goals are higher and nobler things.
A guild whose intentions will not be understood by common people.
And the wisest will support it, or consider it madness.

Type: Social / RolePlay / PvE / PvP / WvWvW
Language: Polish (Zapraszamy tylko osoby, ktore potrafia komunikowac sie w jezyku polskim)
Server: Blacktide [EU]
Members: 70+
Formed: 21 June 2011.
Site: www.gildia-roleplay.pl


  • Xar0neXar0ne Member UncommonPosts: 4
    Official election of Miss & Mister


    Last friday we organized an event "Miss and Mister of organization Leth mori Aiwe". I think, that it was a really successful event, and turnout was fine (+20 people), whats IMO much for RolePlay. It turned out that Miss become sylvari named "Nestrella", and Mister norn called Umbrecht. They won for 5g per person, title to their character cards, and fame in the guild! After announcement of the results we entered an hotel, that we booked for the occasion.
    In the hotel people could find NPC's (played by our guild mates)  like:
    -The innkeeper
    -Bartender [i](who was organizing event: "strong head" - of course it was about that who's going to drunk more alcohol)[/i]
    -Mysterious Man (event: riddles for people)
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