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Im sure glad that

cybertruckercybertrucker Member UncommonPosts: 1,117

The developers for this game are mega fans of the 40k table top and are creating a game to appeal to 40k fans like themselves, and not attempting to create a game to appease the F2P mooches that have overrun. The MMO community.

I honestly believe 40k has enough draw for this game to be successful regardless of whether or not it appeases the masses of whining mooches we now deal with in the MMO genre

Lets just hope the game itself is decent, fun, and not bug ridden.  I know as a hobbyist that plays the table top 40k that I am going to end up spending money on entertainment I enjoy, and I'm sure I will enjoy cleansing ork boyz off the map in a hail of righteous bolter fire.


  • rusrecrusrec Member UncommonPosts: 52
    I have said for years that this is the perfect setting for a fantastic MMORPG.  I was hoping WAR was going to be set in 40K but when It wasn't I knew they had missed the mark.  I'm hoping they don't give in to whiners who will destroy the vision the creators have.  Space Marines FTW!
  • irpugbossirpugboss Member UncommonPosts: 427

    I hope that when it comes out the hardcore 40k fans pony up significant cash in the shop because if they dont in the first couple of months the devs will start to build towards the F2P players in the hope they will pay for something.


    I barely even believe they will have the stones to continue with ork boyz as F2P because of the anger rising lol


  • StuddleyStuddley Member Posts: 37
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