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Best Server

Okay, so I have a few questions seeing as I've got myself confused. I'm looking for a PVE/RP English language server, and am in England, specificlly playing a Light Side Sith Inquisitor. 

1) Are there any servers which you think i should avoid for any reason? Serious overcrowding, not enough players/good players, trolls, negativity to one faction etc.
2) Approximately how much of the players on the RP servers actually RP? 
3) Do people on the RP servers generally both RP and have OOC conversations? Or do people just stick in private chat RPing and no-one talks in General Discussion.
4) Is it difficult to find a Guild or people to converse with on an RP server if you play as a Light Side Empire/ Dark Side Republic character?

5) Are a lot of people RPing in private chat even on PVE?

Seeing as I'm in England, I don't think it'd be a good idea to join a West Coast server, so I'm mainly choosing between The Ebon Hawk, The Progenitor and Red Eclipse, unless anyone thinks one of the West Coast servers would be much better than the others.

Mainly, I don't want an RP sever where everyone RPs, and there's too much pressure to be good at ti, but not where it's just full of people proclaiming themself as Revans son or something equally stupid. I also want enough players to have enough help when fighting enemies and friendly people who are willing to start coneversations and help people out (hence the don't want a solely RP server thing).

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