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Back to SWTOR and happy to be back

TolgeranthTolgeranth Member UncommonPosts: 16

My wife and I played for 6 months at launch and did not renew our sub. For a couple reasons, saw all the PvE content and we were preparing to move oversea's later in the year so it seemed prident to give SWTOR up. Finally got settled and was looking for a game to play. Tried a few trials, even subbed to Vendetta Online (great community) but nothing caught my eye. Was checking out MMORPG.com and saw that Rise of the Hutt Cartel was coming out.


Saw you get a a 30 day sub for 5 dollars more with ROTHC purchase so bought a couple. We decided to try Rep side on Dalborra (APAC server to play with people in our timezone). We had a blast so, one more desktop and another copy of ROTHC later our eldest boy was playing as well. Once the 30 days was up my wife and resubbed. We did not resub for our son, we just bought him the unlocks he needed to play a level 55 character. He transfers money to us to avoid the cred cap and the Cartel Points we get each month easily covers his Warzone and Op's unlocks when he needs them.


Since ROTHC has luanched we each leveled 2 55 Rep side and have had alot of fun. I will go out on a limb and say the Imp side has a hell of alot better storylines though. Losing the APAC servers turned out to be a good thing. I get better ping on Harbringer than I ever did on Dalborra. Now if Bioware would just get off their ass'es and get paid server tranfers , I would get my Imp toons with my Rep toons....




Game is better than at launch, a hell of alot of fun. Imp side story great, Rep side story good.


  • slickbizzleslickbizzle Member Posts: 464

    I recently came back as well.   I started as F2P from level 1 and was hooked again by level 20. Re-subbed, and bought the expansion. Up to level 52 now, and still having fun.  


    Proud to say that I haven't skipped any stories this time around so I could experience the game the way the developers wanted us to experience it.   




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