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Scarlet Blade - What if we flipped the script?



  • simpliussimplius Member UncommonPosts: 1,134

    women are , generally, smarter than men

    and not so hormone -fixated, either

    so, the male version of this game would have such a small audience, that nobody would finance it

    there would be a small backlash from homophobes

    the rest of of us would glance over the sexy barbarian, and move on

    boobs sell, because men are easy


  • simpliussimplius Member UncommonPosts: 1,134
    Originally posted by sxvs
    Originally posted by DamonVile
    Originally posted by BizkitNL

    Actually, if a game like that would thrive, with a host of rip-offs and clones following it's wake, I'd start getting worried. That's why I would theoretically voice my "NO" opinion.

    That said, why have an opinion at all if you don't let it be heard? People have every right to show their disgust (or happyness), as long as it is well argumented. None of that trolling stuff.

    Every time someone tells me " everyone is entitled to their own opinion " ( you didn't say it but close enough :P ) it reminds me of this article http://theconversation.com/no-youre-not-entitled-to-your-opinion-9978  It's a good read.


    eh i don't agree, everyone is indeed entitled to their opinion.

    for example if one person said led zeppelin sucks and the other said they're the best ever there isn't really a right or wrong and that is what qualifies an opinion.

    there is no real certainty of wrong or right within an subjective opinion.

    it's like saying blue is the best color, there is no pure truth in blue being the best color, it's subjective and opinion and each person can have their own take on it and that's the context of the statement in reference.


    this person is basing his thoughts on things that are more factual than opinion that would be more in the context of debate as his only focus and not seeing the wider context.

    he gives an example that is proven scientifically (at least somewhat proven) but he's not also including the examples above.

    once something is proven beyond the reason of doubt to be truth and factual it no longer exists within subjective opinion (in which that statement of everyone is entitled to refers).


    when someone says it, generally i'm fairly certain it is in reference to blue and led zeppelin and not that the world is round/flat.


    basically, i disagree with the person... and that's my opinion, in which i'm entitled to.



    wrong, there is a number for quality

    its called SALES

    specially LONG TERM

    bieber can sell 10 mio copies today, but how about in 100 years

    Beethoven and Mozart are quality, because they still sell, centuries after theyre dead

    led Zeppelin is quality too, they also still sell

    i dont like bieber, but numbers dont lie, a lot of people DO like him


    urgh, i almost got sick there

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