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Tkodo Open Beta!

Hello everyone,

My name is Eric and I have been designing a game based on the old diablo 1 style.  I have a website and a host server already set up for testing only. I am just looking for fellow gamers to come in and destroy the game, then tell me the flaws and changes they might want to see. Game is now Open Beta!

Current projects in construction! 

1: Complete reconstruction of the base chars, races and animations. I have hired a modeler and animator to do this and expect results within the next month or two.

2: World map is in constant construction and will be for some time. I intend to add many new secret area's, map locations, hunting area's that stretch far beyond what is already ingame.

Some ingame projects already developed!:

1: 1-80 areas. Hiddens Area's and boss's. I don't want to release to much as this will hurt the mystery of the game.

I call upon explorer's, dominant pvpers and creator's to assist me in creating an epic final stage for this game!  I have a decent budget and will be producing and implementing many of the diverse idea's I want as well as things introduced to me that match my ideals.

My website!

On the flash site look at the bottom right. "Click Here to Download" is what you need to click to get access to the server!

There is a launcher and update system now, we have small player base mainly evenings and night time. Make sure you "Run as Admin".

I have made many dungeons for everyone to explore up to lvl 60... including raid boss's...worthy of a group or guild party.

I am still anticipating my new char models + animations. I have an entire lineup of item models to follow there entry into the game. I have given warriors, and mages advanced skills and will continue to advance spells and skill for quite some time.

Currently I am adding dungeons with massive levels and idea concepts that will spark thrills and adrenaline into the hearts of those who play.

I am always seeking testers and artists to assist in the construction of this great game and welcome those with skill and talent to contact me.

As of now I have spent over $8000 on the project assets and design and have no intention of backing off. If your a creator or design artist and wish to jump on a project worth backing I am available for contact at [email protected] ----- you must label it as the subject: TKODO or it will hit my junk box and be deleted.

currently looking for 3d artists of all sorts to include objects, chars, monsters and map objects (this includes 3d modelers of the likes) 2d or 3d in any basic format. Got skills hit me up...Expand your resume I am perfectly capable of guiding you in the direction of perfection.

Sounds artists that can create sound effects for char actions and dungeon background sounds in .wav format in loops of 10-15 secs (sound effects would be much less -2-4 seconds or so).

Other aspects of the game design like map layout, world design layout and even storyline are also available for review so if you think you can expand on what I have developed already created feel free to throw me a rope. You may very well change the direction of my game. Good luck to all and for poops sake have some fun!!!!

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