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New Arcane Saga Advertisement is Quite Funny

Mtibbs1989Mtibbs1989 Member UncommonPosts: 3,140

photo skipthegame_zps45fd5336.png

It just seems to me like a funny thing to do. This has to be one of the worst ads I've ever seen. It simply screams, " Hey come play our game you'll finish it within the day!" I believe arcane saga can easily be one of the shortest MMO's as far as progression. If their banner is true you'll easily be able to go through 25% of the levels within the game in just a few hours.


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  • AkulasAkulas Member RarePosts: 2,506
    It would be fine if the game had many levels so it wouldn't matter if they came quick but I haven't played it or clicked on it or intend to play it.

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  • ScalplessScalpless Member UncommonPosts: 1,426

    It's especially funny because it doesn't say how many levels the game has. 25? A thousand? A million?

    On the other hand, it does have a girl is sexy underwear that's supposed to be armor, so I guess it's a pretty good MMO ad.

  • stayBlindstayBlind Member UncommonPosts: 511
    How would you feel if the journey to max level was just the tutorial, and the rest of the game was max level content.

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  • tuneinwilltuneinwill Member UncommonPosts: 12

    The leveling in some FTP games is just silly, and now compaines are advertising these cheesy mechanics? 

    >>Click Here to Level>> DING

    >>Push W to Walk Forward>> DING

    >>Push M to View a Map>> DING

    >>Congratulations You Didn't Die in the Last 30 Seconds>> DING >> FREE ARMOR

    Sad that leveling to 25 quickly is the games best and most touted feature.  I'll pass.


  • breadm1xbreadm1x Member UncommonPosts: 374

    Damn fun 25 sure the max is 70

    And at 40 your totaly azzfuckedtodoalotofgrinding an  it takes 1 hour to get 5% :P

    HP and SP pots have a 60 second cool down so its gind 3 mobs and sit down for 60 seconds potting and repeat.

    The hp and sp regen is the same as their support nonexcistend so sitting down dont work :P


    Sure there are dungeons witch u can do solo and the avarage IQ of the players is the same as my table.

    No way  u can find a party if u dont speak spanish or portugeese :P

    Game lags terrible. u get radom disconnects, bugs, hell 40% of the peeps can even start it up :P

    "Arcane saga failed to start" with no comments on why...

    Support on the forum is nonexcistend. Seen some GM's in the game itself talking to peeps, but hey even aeriua and pwi did that when they started now thats nonexcistend to :P

    Dont even think any support reads the forums netiher.

    Else the 3 topics in witch i commented would be locked :P


    Anyways the game is from 2008 it failed bigtime the ones who made it now run it themselfs and changed mutch of the good things in the game to the worst crap i ever seen, moost of it witch makes no sense.

    Anyways this type of game dont need combo system it sucks leave that for cabal online in witch it does work.

    Company was started in 1953 tought they would know how to run/make  games but no they dont.

  • strangiato2112strangiato2112 Member CommonPosts: 1,538
    Originally posted by stayBlind
    How would you feel if the journey to max level was just the tutorial, and the rest of the game was max level content.

    like uninstalling

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