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Knights of Faith [AoF] is recruiting!

The Order of The Knights of Faith [AoF] is based on EU Server Aurora Glade and currently looking for players whom skills are exceptional for PvE/WvWvW or raiding across all servers.


What we want to offer is:

- An Alliance - Faith Knights are part of the SGC Alliance on Aurora Glade ( read more in the other threads on the forum)

- Friendly community

- PvE Speed runs

- PvP Teams / WvWvW Teams

- Events for almost each day of the week

and much more!


The only requirement we need is for you to have fun and be an active and friendly and helpful member of our guild.


*Always be nice to your guild-mates

*Always respect each other and other players

*Always be active


What the Guild needs for now:




-Team Captains

- Members


Website and Forums


- Forum administrators and moderators

- Guide and Content Creators



PS: The AoF is still on its growing phase, so if you don’t have the patience and willingness to help us grow bigger and better, the Knights of Faith may not be the place for you!

To Apply, you can whisper our leaders and officers in-game:

Nallatheryth.2301 for now - either whisper or send an email


Apply via our website - we will contact you quickly :) 


Our website and forums 



Vanya sulie, Aa' lasser en lle coia orn n' omenta gurtha


Fair Winds, May the leaves of your life tree never turn brown

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