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Few Tips for Beginners

PadieuPadieu Member Posts: 40

Beginners Guide for Granado Espada

Granado Espada is known for its unique MMORPG features such as the ability to control 3 characters simultaneously or what we call Multi-character control (MCC).   The game offers more than 70 different characters to be recruited- each with his/her unique abilities in sword, gun-fights, magic, or support –for you to play!

Let’s recall the background story

The story begins in the country of Oporuto in an old world named Orpesia.  The country encounters an economic issue and was starving. Their trade with resource-rich Katai had been cut off by the armies of Targa, Illier, and Vespanola to the East, and to the West they were blocked by the dreadful Dark Sea.

The great Oporutan explorer,” Ferrucio Espada” discovered a new world in search of an ocean route to katai. Later on, they call the new world “Granado Espada”.


GE map

The country overspent developing the new continent, and the following bankruptcy led to the Vespanolan acquisition. Vespanola, the east-country became the subsidiary of Orpesia and relieved the debts of the Oporuto by connecting the Oporuto’s holdings in Orpesia and Granado Espada. But in the end, a conflict started between Vespanola and its mortal enemies, Bristia of northwest in the Baleares Naval Battle for three years.

The Vespanola gave up its interest to Granado Espada. Due to social strife stemming from the Wartime Nobility's inability to adapt to peacetime, as well as growing control problems in Granado Espada, the Queen issued the "Reconquista Policy" urging adventurous Vespanolan families to migrate to the new world and retake the land for Queen and Country.

Return to Bristia

After taking down Viscount Montoro, let's head back to the continent of Orpesia, where the defeated enemies of Vespanola, Bristia, lie. You will engage in a new main quest line and help out the Bristian Liberation Army in setting their homeland free from the clutches of the Vespanolans.

Bristia, the region of Orpesia was defeated by Vespanola in the Three Years War and has become a subject country of Vespanola.



Few tips for the new players

Here are some tips for new players of the game in the early stages.

Choose your class!

At first you are able to create a team by choosing 3 out of 5 starting classes. As you progress other characters will be available. The classes are Fighter, Musketeer, Wizard, Elementalist and Scout.  Stock characters are the most flexible, being able to alter to many different situations while recruited NPCs are more specialized in particular weapons, stances or role.

GE class

Here are some suggested classes for a first team. These groups give you the most versatility and effectiveness as far as early-game goes


-          Active grinder or leveling, this team is commonly used since you have a good AOE ability and lots of versatility with stances and weapons.

Fighter- Musketeer-Scout

-          Mix of a single target damage and durability.  This shines up with boss fights because it gives   you a lot of tools to adjust to different zones.

Fighter - Wizard- Scout

-          This is not an offensive or damager team and with Low dps outside skills. You can just level up fairly but it is safe and has a lot of tools in their disposal.


-          Full caster team and a mass damager. The only downfall is that casters are typically subpar for afk leveling, so despite being extremely strong for clearing dungeons and missions actively, don’t expect to progress much while away from the game with this team.



-          It is very important to be completed, but you don’t get enough experience and rewards from feature of the game but they will give you useful items to purchase equipment. The game has an advance storyline where you will be able to access new maps and instances. That’s why it is recommended to complete the Scenario quest from Pioneering merchants in most zones for EXP Cards.

-          You can also get a quest that gives an NPC Card. This card allows you to create different classes to play within the team later on.


-          You can get equipments from monster drops. Monster 1-80 are usually drops useful weapons and armors, sometimes with already good stats and enchants in them.

-          Area Boss Monster, hunting area bosses is one good source of equipment.

-          Buy blank pioneering equipment from town merchants using Shiny Crystals.

-          Complete the Bounty Hunter Mission (Level 50 – 60 onwards). Make sure to ask for other player’s help whenever you want to run this mission.  The boss drops on this mission rewards you Elite Equipments that is basically the best you can possibly get for a certain level range. 

-          Trading with other player or using the Market Manager.  You can sell unwanted items to others for some extra Vis in the Market.


Boss Raids

  2 main types:

1.       Field Raids, these raids are located in open zones, thus subject to inter-player competition.

2.       Raid Mission is a raid in which each group of raiders creates their own rooms to raid independently of each other.


Granado Espada Online features many events regularly, such as:

·         Colony War, where you can fight with other players to enable your party (aka clan) to occupy territories.

·         World PvP, where you can fight with other players from any active server in special rooms individually or as a team.

·         Legion War, where you can join either the Royalists or Republicans to fight both players and NPCs in the major cities.

·         Castilla Treasure Hunt, where you can search for hidden treasure chests in Castilla Ruins and Castilla Temple.

For new players, I hope I help you with this guide especially on your early stages.




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