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New Character Creator Introduction Featuring Time Travel (Reboot Version)

JIUBHUNNY420JIUBHUNNY420 Member Posts: 131

I was thinking of all the awesome Lore possibilities if the game is actually rebooted, since as you most of you know, both the AFS and Bane forces were destroyed in the "End of Days" Final In game event. 

If they actually get a dedicated team to work on this game, I say keep the old ending. Both Factions are destroyed along with the two planets Arieki and Foreas, and upon seeing the destruction from their space ship, an Ancient Eloh Elder decides to use a powerful Logos for Time Travel.

The Eloh Elder could turn back time to the beginning of the war for a small group of elite AFS soldiers sending them back to the first encounter the bane, thus setting up your character for a new introduction...where you start the game in a fight on decimated planet Earth far away from the destruction of the alien planets. Then in the closing minutes of the fight you recieve word that the AFS and Bane forces are destroyed and that you and the remaining bane on Earth are all that remains of both armies. Suddently you are Teleported back in time to the AFS base at the beginning of Tabula Rasa!!


What do you think guys?!

J-Hun Lookin to Creep Yall!

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