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Can't log in on official forums - a few questions

MistborneMistborne Member UncommonPosts: 26

Not sure what's up, but as the title states I can't log in or figure out the problem. Bringing my questions here.

First off I am mainly a pve player. I really like the class system in RoM, but some of the combinations are said to be useless. In fact all the class combinations I want to play have little to no place in pve (p/w, p/r, d/r, d/w). I especially want to play a druid/warrior melee dps with off heals. So what's the bottom line, is it even remotely viable? Is the level 70 elite bugged? I see conflicting information about it, some on the forums say it can be upgraded, some say it can't. And what about d/r as a dps in pve? 

I would hate to be bottlenecked into a few viable class combinations. I have no interest in r/s or w/m. If it is required then I'm not sure I would want to invest time and money into the game. Thanks for any feedback.

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