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A really sweet game

ponchofan62ponchofan62 Member Posts: 20
This game was a Super game when the original company had it.   I could actually sit down and enjoy this game for long periods of time like 8-10 hours at a time.  these kind of games have gone to the Curb.  Now we have games that I don't even want to talk about because I get real upset when I think of them.  I get so darn upset with them I feel like my anger meter box is about to explode.  I have quit playing RPG"s.  altogether Cold Turkey!!  I will not talk about them because you people know exactly what I am talking about!!  I BETA tested all the biggies out there like WOW L2 DAOC and many many others.  I have said my piece and that all I am going to say about  it.   This CRAP they are trying to push on us is terrible, I know it and most of you know it!!!  I will not come back until there are good quality games out there which may be never.  I made a ton of friends out there and I have some very fond memories of those times.  I am older than most of you out there. I am in my low 60"s  and I feel WISER not SMARTER  than most of you!!                              Enough, I have said enough!!!

It is what it is!

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