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this has been on my mind for awhile

slygamer1979slygamer1979 Member UncommonPosts: 100

I'm not sure how many more ps3 games i'll buy this year but i did wanna get afew more to keep my ps3 on my mind but not terribly sure whats coming out this year that doesn't have multiplayer trophies so i can get afew more platinums now trophies don't matter that much to me but it gives me another reason to replay games.

i've been debating on the PS4 if i'll buy it or not this year this is why i'm iffy about buying more then afew games for my ps3.

the reason for this logic is i just spent a butt-load of money on building a super gaming pc this past may including just picked up a nice new screen and speakers/sub the other day and i was going to focus mostly on pc gaming since its not like PS4 will play my ps3 games.


I went to gamestop and asked about afew games heres what i found out

Wolfenstein the new order physical copy this game won't be out until beginning of 2014 :-(

Dragon Age 3 TBA :-(

GTA5 it will be released this year but not for PC :-(

so my top 3 picks i won't get anytime soon :-(

the last ps3 game i picked up was Dragon's Dogma:Dark Arisen which i got alittle tired of after beating the extra content and found most of it. 

also looked at Saints Row 4 but that comes out a month before GTA5 and its like why would i get Saints 4 a month before lol.

as for mmo games all i've been really interested in currently is getting my hands on Elder Scrolls Online

currently got back into Rift since its going to full F2P

also have Guild Wars 2 but the end game content isn't all that interesting but good game just the same.


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