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[A - Argent Dawn - EU] Recruiting RP+pve+pvp 'Egypt' styled guild!

LadyAmiriLadyAmiri Member Posts: 1
IC Concept overview:

<Amiri Trade House> is a new RP focused guild on the aliance side of Argent Dawn. We are based on being an exotic merchant house from fictional island of Sal'Salabim located in southern seas. Many things have happen during the Cataclysm and the population of this southern pearl has suffered a lot. Famine and unrest plaguing the fine port cities. forcing many to seek their fortune elsewhere. 
This is also the case of Lady Amiri, ebon skinned beauty, belonging to an old lineage of wealthy merchants of prominent status on Sal'Salabim. Packing her valuables and the few remaining ships, she sailed to the east to seek her fate in foreign lands of the so called Eastern Kingdoms.
Currently Lady Amiri, resides in the town of Booty Bay together with her entourage, of slaves, eunuchs, servants, guards and other retainers, amazing the locals with finest silks, perfumes and other exotic goods unheard of in the land. Many wealthy individual are invited to private performances of exotic dancers and artists and enjoying luxury of the fabled southern islands. This is however just an intermediary stop, as soon the anchors will be lifted and ships will sail to the fine land of Uldum, where opportunity and new home can be found for her and her people.
However there is much more ambition to the young merchant-princess than leading a calm life.........


OOC info:

With <Amiri Trade House> we want to generate some fun and creative RP by stepping into a blank area of the lore and making things from scratch on a custom way. Nobody really knows what is going on in the southern seas, what islands are there or nations. Our guild concept draws inspiration from ancient egypt, india and arabia. Exotic dresses and customs made by ourselves is what we aim for. To an extent we get some inspiration from the continent of Essos introduced in ASOIAF. We want to enjoy the warm lands of Uldum and we are a sort of 'egypt' styled guild (costumes and also custom made set of beliefs)

- RP casual and organized as well (exotic dancing and acrobatics, merchant RP, magical item acquisition and more), with some storyline going on. 
- Support for OOC activities like dungeons and harder&challenging group content. Why doing these things with some random anonymous bunch when you can join with friends and do much more?



Note: OOCly we take every class, race and gender. There are however policies we follow.

Races priority list:

1, Humans of darker skin - since we are meant to be group from some exotic land we shall look the part. You may perhaps not be fom Sal'Salabim, but perhaps from Tanaris, Uldum, Stranglethorn or some other island. We would like to have at least 50% of the guild comprised of these to preserve the feeling.

2, Humans of other origin, dwarves, gnomes, elves and draenei - it is completely plausible that such join us as well. See the list of roles for inspiration. All we ask is that your personal story and IC reasoning makes it believable to join us.

3, Pandaren - hey why not *shrugs*, you can be pretty fine bouncer with that size for example.

Policy on classes:

OOCly we take all classes. ICly we may have problems with classes like DKs and necromancers. If you are OOCly a DK class, we would probably want you to have healthy skin, mask those shining eyes and RP as something more publicly acceptable from IC point of view. 

IC status - suggestion list

Slave - we bought you as an investment to work for lady Amiri. But do not despair, lady Amiri treats her slaves in a fair way and certainly it is not a good thing to ruin your pretty/handsom character. In fact usually once your character works his/her part to cover for the cost plus some little bit extra, you will be freed as a way of acknowledging that your character has repented in front of the gods...oh, yes, we believe that those who are slaves must have deserved it for their deeds in the previous life. Karma *winks* As a slave you can be a household servant, dancer, craftsman and if reliable, then even a guard or entrusted with higher responsibilities and trust.

Hireling - Well same as slave but of course with a bit of freedom

Associate / Retainer - Who knows, perhaps your business seems to work in truly good synergy with Lady Amiri, or you just fell for her personal charms or a bond of friendship was made.

IC Roles - suggestion list

(It is advised for your character to also posses some combat ability, even a minor one, so you can also participate in some traveling and adveture RP)

Craftsman - well you are skilled in some craft that is useful for the business activities. Weird potions, fine silks or works of beauty emerge from your hands and help fuel lady's chests with gold. Or is it the use of enchantments that is what you have mastered? Simple enchanted toys for the spoiled noble brats? Well, welcome in lady's services.

Entertainer - acts of acrobacy, exotic dancing, or tricks to entertain the un-cultural barbarians of Stormwind, but also make the gathering and occasional feasts and celebrations more merry for your guilds.

Guard - well our riches are significant and street, forests and dungeons full of danger. We need your shield, blade, bow or perhaps even spell to keep us safe!

Custom - chances for your suggestions!



We have separate trees for each of the paths you choose for your character. Earning higher rank and slightly improved privileges is based on time spend in guild and activity.


RP outfits:

We recommend black, brown, white and metallic grey for your casual costume. Dancers, entertainers and such shall consider also some nice outfit for performances (free choice).

We advise against big shoulders on your gear.

Also we want you to try and keep the oriental style of your clothing (with the exception of if some associates if meaningful). This means, pointed helmets, veils, curved swords, smaller round shields and turbans. Also our guild concept does to an extent encourages fairly skimpy approach towards your RP gear.


IC rules:
- treating slaves badly will be punished. It's lady's property and investment and you shall not damage it. (It's is a slightly sensitive subject and we want people who will RP slaves to have fun and enjoyable RP as well. Therefore it is basically just a bit of flavour adding light-hearted approach to this subject)

- IC betrayals or IC miss-conduct or disobedience will cause you to get removed as well. Doesn't make IC sense for you to stick around.

OOC rules:

- people who are OOCly mean have no place in our guild (regardless in what context and towards whom they aim this)

- immature behaviour in g chat is punished - excessive swearing etc.

- behaviour that perpetually causes drama or discord is not welcomed as well.

- we want only 18+ people - we are exotic styled guild, with slaves, belly dancers and such. We don't want your psycho parents complaining to us or GMs about what RP you get involved. Also we think It takes a bit mature people to portrait properly more elaborate RP concepts than 'Rarr, me badass soldier no. 4569, me kick your ass'. Our guild requires a bit of OOC study of cultural sources here and there and some proper overview. Also we have bad experience with immature people being able to function in a guild based on a culture which doesn't shun more skimpy exotic clothing.


We will not kick you if you are inactive, but be sure that if you don't show around your promotion will not happen and we will also stop really counting with you.


Search for Amiri in game.
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