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Ship-to-ship battles?

KrelianKrelian Member UncommonPosts: 385


Games such as EVE online is all about ship to ship combat (when it comes to FIGHTING MECHANICS at least, excluding DUST)

Games such as Star Trek Online and Pirates of the Burning Sea are MOSTLY about ship battles, BUT there is also a good amount of ''on foot/ground'' combat to go.

But what about PIRATE 101? I know that the game offers both ''strategic battles'' on foot, AND ship-to-ship combat as well. BUT HOW LARGE a part of the game does the ship-to-ship battles constitute in this game?

Is it like STO or POTBS where most of your battles are fought commandeering your ship?

Or is it less than that? (likely, I guess)

IF SO, would you say the ship battles only contribute 1/10 of the total battles that you face in this game? OR is it more like 30-40% of the total combat experience in this game?

Thank you for Reading! Im really curious, and I really hope somebody can give me an answer;)



  • KrelianKrelian Member UncommonPosts: 385

    Super-Mega-God of NECRO mode - Initiating! :D

    I could create a new post, but mine is still on the first page of the forums after about 2 years, so I thought it would be needless to duplicate it :D

    My question still stands, SORT OF.

    SInce 2013, have they made any changes to ship-to-ship ''naval'' combat, at all? Has it gained a more ''important/prominent'' role in the game somehow?

    I tried the game back in the day, but only tasted the lower levels. Generally speaking; it was fun while it lasted, BUT early level ship battles (at least for me) felt rather underwhelming. Why? No directional damage at all, so u just stop somewhere and spam your 3-5 attack buttons all the time without doing much anything else........ at all :D

    FURTHERMORE, outright sinking enemy ships usually offered much less XP and rewards such as loot in comparasion to boarding them, so I almost ALWAYS had to board enemy ships in the end (for turn based ''on-foot'' combat) which in and out of itself was fun .......... sure.....

    BUT it STILL somehow ''sucked'' in my opinion, coz if all u wanna enjoy is ship-to-ship battles without* having to engage in turn based on-foot combat EVERY BLOODY TIME u win such a fight, you would be knowingly giving up a sizeable amount of rewards (as mentioned above), which in turn made the whole deal less fun to play (for me).

    What I mean is; sure, exploring the floating islands/continents ''on foot'' or on a mount was interesting, and fighting in turn-based melee/magic/ranged combat could feel like a breath of fresh air from the airship battles.

    But IMHO the ship battles were far too few in between, and even then - since they ultimately (almost) always ended up in boarding actions anyways, I personally felt that I had never gotten the chance to fully explore/enjoy this ''naval'' aspect of the game :(


    But maybe, (after about a couple'o years now) things have changed a little?

    Maybe now there is greater emphasis on ship-to-ship combat on higher levels? Or they made such naval/air encounters a more involving/interesting/rewarding experience somehow?

    Well, I dunno, so im asking you bros! :)

  • stingitestingite Member UncommonPosts: 9

    Hey! It's still pretty much the same, but the real fun of naval battles was never solo, but when you were with a wolf pack of other players. Player run "Nautical XP Parties" at high level are a blast!  

    Pirate101 also added a few new "Turret Bosses" that require a bit more patience and drop a bit of unique loot.  The one in Marleybone has a lot of health, but can be soloed at max level. At the end of Aquila, you battle the Charbybdis, which has four heads shooting at your ship at once with a bit of a surprise mechanic that can catch you off guard. Also added was a new Naval chat window so you can coordinate with others in the zone over longer distances.

    It would be great to see some ship PvP in the future -- maybe with some additional complexity like you suggest. 

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