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Fatal1ty HS-1000 vs todays headsets

ichihaifuichihaifu Member UncommonPosts: 280
So I'm still using HS-1000 and they have faithfully served me for over 3 years now without a sign of malfunction or breakdown, but I've started to think about going for new headphones, mainly because I want to have wireless headset. I dont like wires.

Anyway how does HS-1000 fare on todays market? I know not many vendors still sell it but I'm curious, how big of a leap in sound quality is it going to be if I were to say, get Astro A50's. (I have adjusted the sound on the headphones [surround: 50%, X-Fi crystallizer: 10%] so that its not exactly out of box sound experience I'm having)

Also regarding the new headphones I should go for: G930 or A50? Price isnt an issue if the headphones will serve me for 2+ years, honestly HS-1000's have served their price multiple times over by now.
I'm kind of weighted towards 930's because they have few mechanical buttons at the side that I could have use for (mechanical microphone mute, I always manually mute my HS-1000s because it feels more natural than to do software mute). Can I mute A50's with a press of a button on either the headphones or the transmitter? (not by pulling the mic up, I'd rather do software mute than do that)
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