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why so many way? if ms push only 2?

drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

ok after a reading a bit ms say it like this:


for video online set your system to pixel format studio(limited rgb)

for for non video set your system to pixel format PC standard(full rgb)


so basicly this should be always like this,so why every freaking agency on the planet have their own little different odditiy

when Microsoft way is so simple.and it will only get worst ,why because ultrahd gets their own little thing(ms has updated scrgb or srgb  for this yet)as far as I know!


any know why every side want to adopt their own little standard when everything almost already exist?no wonder people are leaving tv.its like srgb color.org has just fixed it not that long ago.why it took so long?

exemple 2:ycbcr !on paper they mention 1024 different possible shade of color instead of 256.ya but what they don't say is :those shade arealready avail in the 256 actual possible shade!true it add 3 color between each actual 256 (approx.)but you lost 0 to 15 and 240 to 255 (most likely it will be 16 to 235)yes most sceen do 3 to 252.that is still a lot of detail lost .and no ycbcr cannot make up for it.yes I know it add some color .but by not doing say 3 to 252 instead of 16 to 240 I loose too much NOTICABLE

environemental mood look!everything on ycbcr look washed out whatever people do.and no cheating blacks etc to cheat the perception doesn't make up for it!i wish this would be changed to add 15  at the bottom aand at the top without actually touching the 0 256 or 0 1024 (right now its more like 60 to 958)


my question:can scrgb do full or they have to abide by hdmi stupidity?

I love scrgb but loosing 0to 59 and 959 to 1024 is a nono for me!too much data lost!oh true it is still 1024 but within that smaller range!

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