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Returning (Defiant Faeblight) LFGuild

blackthornnblackthornn Member UncommonPosts: 611

Hey Folks.


Returning player who will be looking for a guild as of June 12th here.  


I play on the Faeblight Server, Defiant side.   My old mains were a 50 rogue (Bard focus), 37 cleric (druid/shaman dps), and a 39 mage (focus was necro and chloro)


I left Rift too early, and the fact it's gone free to play with optional sub has gotten it's hooks back into me.  I played for about 3 months after launch and then left for another game (too many RL and work friends were switching over at that time).  I played to max level and did a lot of pickup rift raids for crafting materials but never got to do the real raiding on Rift.  I have extensive end game raiding experience in other games (EQ was in the top 1-3 guilds for progression on my server [Morel Thule (EMarr) the 3 guilds' positions kept changing of course], raided on WoW, Vanguard, TSW, EQ2, SWToR and a few others).


In my earlier days I was a die hard 6-8 hr a night, 6 night a week raider.  I've mellowed a lot in my older age and am looking for a guild of mature players who like to do group/raid content as a guild at a less than hardcore pace.  In the terms used in some games I'm hoping to find a "family guild" that will tackle  the occasional raid content (1-2 nights a week or so).


I won't be on every night.......I have a family and work shift work.  I won't be able to attend every single guild event.  I want a guild that realizes family and RL come first. 


Earlier I mentioned mature players.  By that I don't mean just adults.  I've gamed with some kids who are more practical and level headed than a fair amount of the adults I've gamed with....I'm meaning level headed individuals that won't flood guild chat/voice with constant profanity, off color jokes, racial slurs, etc.  The occasional bout of grown up humor is fine, I even encourage it, but if all the guild vent channel is is a bunch of ppl going on about how pissed drunk and high they got last night, I really won't stick around for it.


I toyed with the idea of forming up a guild for new players and those returning but I'm sure there's good QUALITY guilds already on Faeblight who could use more members once the floodgates open on the 12th.

PM me if your guild is recruiting and fits what I'm looking for.





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