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Diablo 3 public the anniversary statistics figures

frlaryfrlary Member Posts: 1
Last year on May 15, the list of Diablo 3 trigger a boom, is now listed for the anniversary, Blizzard released Diablo 3 figures for a year.        
As for the statistics, each player with a average of 4.63 role, created an average of 183962 role every day, converted to create an average of 7665 characters per hour, and every minute is 127 characters, and every character brush for 5963 Diablo 3 gold on diablo3goldtaker a day.         
According to the regional server, character creation is an average number. North American server with 22.2 million characters, including hardcore mode for 2.2 million, the European server has 22.1 million characters, including hardcore mode has 2.7 million, and about 22.9 million roles in the Asia server, 1.2 million in the hardcore mode.
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