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A new update of rules and settings!

TaladTalad PlaneShift DeveloperMember UncommonPosts: 83
A new update is ready for you all! This time no client update is needed, as all changes are server side. It includes many updates to rules, settings, and bugfixes. Here are the details.

  • Improved the behaviour of aggressive NPCs: they will now be able to decide if attack or not based on their current HP rating and the player overall power
  • Improved the Cuttroaths AI
  • Fixes/improvement to the Mercenary Tribe AI
  • Fixes/improvement to the Maulberlord AI
  • Improved the Consumers AI
  • Introduction on day and night behaviour for many Mobs; some of them will wander in their area during their wakeing hours and will go sleep at night
  • Additions to KAs, mainly in regard to trainers knowing what they train and being able to direct you to the higher and lower skill trainers, where appropriate. This isn't finished but its a nice start.
  • All NPC descriptions have been looked at and in the vast number of cases improved (Taya).
  • Some changes to NPC traits and items to match descriptions more closely.
  • Both gobble tribes behaviour near the lake of tears has been improved
  • A new Trepor's tribe has been added in ojaroad2 map
  • A new skill based repeatable hunting quest, similar to Harnquist is hungry, has been created and added (Taya).
  • A vast number of small spelling and grammar mistakes have been fixed mostly from player reports (big thanks to Mrae, Erodare, and all the others who have reported things).
  • A good number of quest 'bugs' have been fixed (noticeably Bestowing the Gifts of Xiosia and Harnquist is Hungry).
  • A total of 11 new books have been released. Including the five volume history of magic books, a great two part biography written by Cirerey, a book about our favourite Wanderer (finished off by Taya) and a few others, big thanks to all the authors.
  • A lovely selection of new plants will take the places of many of the dummy sacks which you currently see (Aiena).
  • Almost all alchemy item's weight have been reviewed and fixed (thanks to shadow-knight)
  • Fixed a bug with the quest system which could trigger the wrong quest upon a player response
  • Expanded loot command to support looting all/items/money from commands patch by naeg (/Loot [roll] [all|money|items ). Using for example 'weapons' as a category will loot all items in a category beginning with 'weapons' '/loot items weapons' categories can also be stack, '/loot items weapons, armor, animal part'
  • Added check for visibility for training with NPCs (#5965).
  • Support for /mypet when mounted (#4167).
  • Fixed moving of items in containers you guard.
  • Fixed locate nearest_player to only return players.
  • Fixed (PS#5964) frozen by GM displayed while using frozen spell.
  • Fixed not working group confirmation on loot to self for group roll. (PS#5962)
  • Extend guard area to area guarded by familiar/pets (PS#4734).
  • Fixed a couple of situation where the items apparently disappeared in a container.
  • Make sure the Character First Name is used and not the Account name when a client is Asked for its Name when a Character is loaded. This will prevent situations like PS#5942.
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