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Band Of Brothers is looking for you

iamlocalsiamlocals Member Posts: 1

Hi Everyone,

If you are looking for a good group of folks to play the game with, look no further.  We are located on the Azuremyst-US Server. You can check us out an apply for membership as  

We are a group of mature gamers who have in many cases led guilds or acted in a leadership capacity in Neverwinter, EQ2, SWTOR, AOC, and most of the other popular titles. We gauge maturity by how someone acts not by physical age so we don’t have an age restriction.

We don’t have a lengthy questionnaire to fill out or a requirement that you play a certain number of hours a week. Nor do we require you to spec your character a certain way or conform to any number of other rules. Play what you enjoy.

What we are looking for is like-minded people with whom we can experience this game. We want you to be a fit and if you join us, it will be a chance for you and us to determine if that’s the case. Most of our applicants have joined and play with us today. A few have not worked out; such is life.

We can use salty language. We enjoy busting on each other to a certain extent although it is all in good fun. We tend to learn the game we are playing and share that knowledge with each other. So while we are not necessarily statisticians, we are good , experienced, thoughtful, players. We learn our classes together and help each other grow in a game together. As such, we are open to criticism and learn from each other; all in a focus to play the game and have fun. Fun trumps everything else. Fun is why you play a game - right?

Come check us out if you think we're a fit.  We aren't looking to grow much beyond where we are now frankly but always like meeting like-minded people.

Firelord Corraxs

WOW Guild Leader

Band of Brothers

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