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Star Wars: The Old Republic ... in the shitter



  • superniceguysuperniceguy Member UncommonPosts: 2,278
    Originally posted by Reion1

    I've been playing SWTOR and I must say I like it better now that it has went F2P. The game tends to just suck you in, and for those who were spectacle to play because of all the negativity and hate on message boards don't lose anything when they can download it for free and give it a go. Within a few days they sub, because they get hooked, me included. The fact is the game is alive at the moment, and while there is nothing else on the market except maybe Neverwinter or GW (if that's your bag of tea,) the game will keep thriving.

    It will be interesting to see where the game goes once RIft goes F2P but I hear that RIft's cash shop will piss a lot of people off. Until then SWTOR is going to be my go to game along with everyone else who loves story telling with an MMORPG aspect rolled into one. These hate threads are starting to get redundant because opinions are opinions but the fact is that SWTOR is INDEED thriving. Yes I've mention that the game is thriving about three times now.

    I don't see anything hateful about this thread, it just news worthy. Everything stated in the OP is fact. Many subbers complained about 2.1 and the Cathar and other items that came with the update, and not having enough CC from 500 to get them all.

    Bioware responded

    Nothing in the OP of this thread suggests that the game is no longer thriving - SWTOR seems to be losing luster with fans, with all the complaints BW picked up upon, but that does not mean they will quit. The only thing that suggests people were quitting was from Bioware themselves "I know that players have made decisions around whether to remain a subscriber based on those words which makes it all that much more sensitive." After that speech people may decide to stay, but 2.1 did in FACT cause an uproar, and is not opinion at all

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