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How to get a Free Shadow Fox Item Pack!

Finally some more free stuff! Shadow Fox Mount giveaways at GameCoach. The Pack includes: A rare Shadow Fox Mount, Martial Arts Scrolls x10 and Maiden-kissed Chests x10.

Here is how to get it:

1. Go to

2. Click "Play Now" for PWI and register on that page (make sure that you're still on the GameCoach site)

3. Install the game, if you havent done so already.

4. You will receive your unique code in the confirmation mail and by e-mail (check your inbox/spam).

5. Follow instruction on how to redeem your item pack with the code.

6. Ride on!


Also check this youtube vid, explaining the stuff you get and how:

Strutting my stuff on that Shadow Fox is a blast! :-). The Item packs are permanently available at They also have a bunch of other games and free packs.



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