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Best PK in C1

SargerasSargeras Member Posts: 15

Here are candidates of mine.
I think it's Abyss Walker. Best skills for quick, unexpected, high-damage attacks. Target-kill-run tactic. ::::23::
Btw. Training, flagging and PvP are not PKing, so don't spam with noob posts.


  • LaneoLaneo Member Posts: 359


    It's not the class..It's who can afford the most from EBAY and equipment.

    Second then is the skill involved image

    So the right answer would be OTHER image

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  • MaxxxMaxxx Member UncommonPosts: 389

    AW are Miss Walkers...

    SR is the best PKer.

  • modomodo Member Posts: 16

    Originally posted by Maxxx
    AW are Miss Walkers...SR is the best PKer.

    SR, hands down. Why do we care about C1?

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