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=| A.M.P |= Amplitude, Now Taking Applications.

Ninu_ZahraNinu_Zahra Member UncommonPosts: 15

Amplitude is the result of a grass roots partnership between the Echo gaming community and Eve's Razor Alliance. Our leaders are tasked with building a strong versatile organization that is able to hold it's own and posses the ability to fulfil exclusive contracts from our EVE-Online partners. The organization will promote team orientated game play and provide a sense of grand purpose for individual mercenaries.

Membership Benefits

- Strong networking opportunities within New Eden.
- Become a part of a Mature / Laid Back Environment
- *When Isk transfers are enabled* - Funding and Exclusive contracts from our EVE Online partners.
- Financial Assistance / Reimbursement in Corporation Related Actions

Membership Requirements / Expectations

- Must be able to use a Voice Communication including Bluetooth / Skype or Teamspeak 3
- Read / Contribute to our Community forums
- Willing to follow suggested skill plans and fulfil roles as required.

Statement of Goals:

Our first and foremost goal is to enhance a dust player's gaming experience by providing tactical teamwork orientated gameplay. This is accomplished by providing a mature, successful and inclusive environment. We will train members to adhere and compliment our doctrinal strategies.

Secondly, Amplitude seeks to establish itself as a premiere planetary conquest dust corporation, participating in all levels of meta game - including politics in the coming future.

We plan to strengthen our core gaming groups for both EU and US time zone.

We are currently Looking for players using

- Tankers
- Heavies
- Medium Range Support Classes (Assault Rifles, Lasers, Mass Drivers, Shotgun)
- Logistics

Recruitment / Conversational Contacts.

Troyd Destin - Email: Troyd@repercussus.com
Ragnar hammersbane
Toninu - Tgradrian
Geeshizzle MacCloud - Connor Mac-Leod

IMPORTANT: If you are not razor please join our in game channel Amplitude Public and seek one of the above recruiters to get an interview.

Other Corp Contacts

Do not hesitate to drop by our public - in game chat channel: Amplitude Public

How do I join?

Apply here
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