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Help Villagers & Heroes get on Steam!

CMEresCMEres Member Posts: 9

Would you like to see "Villagers and Heroes - A Mystical Land" on the Steam Platform? Help support this game during the Steam Green Light Program. Vote now and receive 50 Crowns after we hit our first Milestone.

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  • Sk8trdudeSk8trdude Member UncommonPosts: 6
    STEAM if your looking athis this post, I am a loyal customer of yours.  Do not back up this game.  It is an awesome game but it bleeds you dry with real money,.... NOT WORTH IT... Regen one point every 15 mins?????  LAME
  • blackcat35blackcat35 Member Posts: 479

    I just recently picked up this game from steam.  Play for free, and got my wizard to level 7 I believe.  As a wizard you can cast a heal spell.  Another option is to eat apples, that gives you a heal.  Another option for healing is to be a cleric.  I recently created a two handed mace that lets you cast a 30 point heal spell using carpentry.  lots of options for healing.

    Its hard to argue that this game does seem like it has alot of cash grabbing things going on.  The bank space has alot of bank space, but there are like 7 more bank spaces all requiring crowns to buy, er rent for 30 days.


    If you want to craft in multiples that requires crowns.  The game seemed like a simplistic game that can be fun for a few hours and check out, doesn't require alot of hardware to run it. 


    The game is dead not, this game is good we make it and Romania Tv give it 5 goat heads, this is good rating for game.

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