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WildStar: Live Forum Q&A with WildStar's Jeremy Gaffney -- Begins NOW!



  • tr1agetr1age Member Posts: 4
    Will there be a build in DKP bidding system to alleviate the pressures of keeping track of DKP for raiders?
  • droopydroopy Member Posts: 15

    Hi DaGaffer!

    Q) You mentioned earlier "Mentoring and Rallying systems to level with/near your friends" 

    Can you share some more info on this? Will it be optional or ?mandatory à la GW2 where your char gets nerfed in lower level zones. 

    Q) If i understand correctly you can add attribute points to Strength, Dexterity etc when you gain levels, will there be any way to respec these points if you're unhappy with the choices you made? 

    Q) Can you talk more about the PvP stats and how large the effect will be when wearing PvP gear vs PvE gear and vice versa?. I like to do both equally but there's always problems that comes with it in both World PvP and for people who spent most of their times in Raids. (One-Shotted)

  • mel0nsmel0ns Member Posts: 1
    Will there be a normal and heroic version of every raid as in current WoW, or more like the previous vanilla-tbc style with separate 10/20 and 25/40 man raids?
  • TrivolverTrivolver Member Posts: 10
    One of the turn-offs for PvP Battlground models, and one of the things I've noticed from your closed beta patch notes, is that when you enter a battleground, your gear and level are automatically scaled up to be on par with the rest of the group's. This is contradictory, in my opinion, to the MMORPG model of scaling yourself up, gathering gear and becoming that "hero" you're supposed to be in MMORPGs. Is this the final model for your battlegrounds, or will we be able to level ourselves and then queue with our own epic (or terrible!) gear?
  • MakaifyMakaify Member Posts: 5

    Are there a lot of different looking armor/weapon designs in the game? One of the most annoying things in an MMO is to look exactly the same for the whole leveling process. *cough* Neverwinter *cough*

    Thanks for answering. Can't wait to play Wildstar!

  • DrarormDrarorm Member Posts: 10
    Will there be a pet class?
  • ahamling27ahamling27 Member Posts: 3
    What feature or gameplay element are you having the hardest time getting just right?
  • vagabondNordvagabondNord Member Posts: 8

    HEY! Super excited about Wildstar! 

    • WILL I be able to pilot a space ship? (However big or small.) I've seen them docked in the yard, for instance, in the Housing Dev! :D
    • What will your guild system be like? (I'm coming primarily from a WoW background, so I'll be comparing. ;D)
    • Do you have any need for a personal assistant/human slave?
  • LivnthedreamLivnthedream Member Posts: 555
    Hey Mr. Gaffney, just how much reinventing the wheel are you guys doing? I noticed the renaming of the stats in the patch notes and I wonder are you doing silly things like changing up gearing colors like Gw2 just to set yourselves apart?
  • DaGafferDaGaffer Carbine StudiosMember Posts: 62
    Originally posted by Splut
    What will the language be for writing add-ons/mods?  

    LUA.   Also, Houston is our tool to help more easily make them.  Lots of add-ons already being generated by even the tiny community in CBT1 (about 2000 folks)

    Jeremy Gaffney
    Executive Producer, Carbine Studios (Wildstar Online)

  • aikabaikab Member UncommonPosts: 3

    "7 abilities are way too few, this is an MMORPG not tetris" quoted by a friend of mine.

    I agree, no matter how impactful they may be, 7 seems way to few. It makes combat repetitive and in the end boring.

    Please do not make GW2's mistake, I had high hopes for that game, and I have way higher hopes for WildStar.

  • WrekhWrekh Member Posts: 8
    Will we be able to repeat solo adventures in Elder game?
  • BlimingtonBlimington Member Posts: 1


    1. Will there be Path-specific gear available - at least cosmetically?

    2. On the official site there are races locked from certain classes; what are the chances I'll be able to play a Mechari caster in the future? :}


  • DrarormDrarorm Member Posts: 10
    Will there be a dragon flying mount?
  • PieRadPieRad Member Posts: 1,108
    where did all these 1-10 posters come from?


  • Scouser3008Scouser3008 Member Posts: 1

    Mr Gaffney esq,

    I was wondering if you might be able to spill any info on the remaining two classes? We've *sorta* figured them out, but I'd love to know more!


    Thanks a lot for doing this :)

  • MyrrdhinnMyrrdhinn Member Posts: 6
    Thank you! :) You are awesome! :)
  • reaper1183reaper1183 Member Posts: 6
    Will there be separate gear for PvP and PvE, or will they be one in the same?
  • DrarormDrarorm Member Posts: 10
    How are flying mounts going to be obtained, drops, buys, real money? Will they have different types of rareness levels?
  • PikellePikelle Member Posts: 1

    I really like that you changed the attribute names to be more Wildstar-ian (ex: Moxie instead of Magic). But the names of your Tradeskill levels are so boring and overused.  I say you change those too, don't you agree?  Maybe use something like: Recruit, Trainee, Graduate, Professional, Specialist.

    Now instead of being an Artisan Architect, you can be an Architect Professional.  What say you?

  • SilasJasarSilasJasar Member Posts: 4

    I some questions. Why are you guys at Carbine so awesome and why would I just you with my kidney?

    lol but for real, I was wondering with housing being the way it is, will there be any incentive to visit capital cities/town hubs?

  • EiviEivi Member Posts: 96

    Really want info on the Payment model. Can't stand FTP games, would happily pay twice the normal sub price for this game.


    Any information at all?

  • TintagilTintagil Member UncommonPosts: 190

    Hello there,

    I was wondering if you still felt like sharing a little more information on the Settler and Scientist paths? :)

  • AlgolgamingAlgolgaming Member Posts: 2

    I hold housing as one of my only cares in gaming these days, it has officially become an obession. 

    With UO holding my heart for housing in regards to housing style, size, placement, and 'decor', the second closest emulator was SWG in my opinion. Games like Wurm online offer a taste of greatness, but fall short.


    How important will housing be in the game, can I form a town with friends or even a guild town? I really would rather be a town mayor and spend all day managing farms and what have you at the guild town whilst my friends go do their dungeoning. 

    My heart and mind are running wild with speculation on how all of these housing teases are going to interact. I want my dreams stoked or squashed, hah.

  • ShinarCHShinarCH Member Posts: 2


    - Will every player has his own loot like in Guild Wars 2?

    - If you play in group, how are the XP divided (e.g. 50/50)?

    - Will the open world difficulty scale on the number of people who are in the zone?



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