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WildStar: Live Forum Q&A with WildStar's Jeremy Gaffney -- Begins NOW!

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerAdministrator RarePosts: 6,297

If you've got any questions on WildStar for executive producer Jeremy Gaffney, start posting 'em in the comments below. DaGaffer himself will be answering questions live, beginning right now!

Please remember to abide by our Rules of Conduct when posting. This is not a WildStar discussion thread, so please only post questions for Jeremy and/or follow-up questions to his answers. Thanks and have fun!


Michael "MikeB" Bitton
Community Manager
Twitter: @eMikeB



  • WrekhWrekh Member Posts: 8
    How are holograms working against enemies on higher ground?
  • MyrrdhinnMyrrdhinn Member Posts: 6

    Hello Jeremy! :)

    My question is:

    Can someone who hasn't recieved/completed the PreBeta survey back at february participate in the coming beta test two or stess test?

    If so, will there be an another wave of surveys before Beta 3?


    At luch or post lunch, will there be a spectator mode to watch the epic 40 vs 40 Warplot  matches?  

    Thank you for your opennes towards the community, and for the awesome game you developing! :)


  • coatsy35coatsy35 Member Posts: 1

    Can you give any information on how you going to cater to solo players at Eldergame?


  • sheepolosheepolo Member Posts: 3

    First of all: I'm really looking forward to this game. It looks absolutely amazing.

    I signed up for Beta back in late 2011 and I'm wondering if Beta invites are sent out at random, or if you prioritize players who signed up early?

    I'm living in Europe btw.

  • aikabaikab Member UncommonPosts: 3
    Will we be informed when the beta invites stop? So we can stop the F5 spam.
  • TainteD7oh7TainteD7oh7 Member Posts: 1
    Will there be seasons for Arena PvP? And will these seasons / tournaments include end - of - season rewards? Like titles, mounts, etc.
  • TrivolverTrivolver Member Posts: 10
    Greetings: Seeing some of the early beta footage from PAX, I've noticed there's a limited skill-bar with maybe 8 skills. An attraction to some other MMORPGs is that there is a variety of ways to play your character using a lot of skills (extra skillbars, many abilities...). Is Wildstar keeping its current ability limit of 8, will it increase, and what are the development decisions behind this?  
  • TownClowneTownClowne Member Posts: 2
    If I submitted multiple beta invites due to changing information (in a guild, out of a guild, changed emails, part of a WildStar press project, etc) does that ruin my shot at beta due to it looking like I'm trying to artificially inflate my odds?
  • DaGafferDaGaffer Carbine StudiosMember Posts: 62
    Originally posted by Wrekh
    How are holograms working against enemies on higher ground?

    IMO quite well.  Water/aerial combat is where they have the most trickiness (so we tend to disincent that, water combat is often quite a pain anyways because people don't necessarily operate in 3-space well (just ask Khan).)

    Jeremy Gaffney
    Executive Producer, Carbine Studios (Wildstar Online)

  • SplutSplut Member Posts: 10
    What will the language be for writing add-ons/mods?

    // Splut - WAR Manager
    "When I hit you, you go splut. See how it works?"

  • LeiloniLeiloni Member RarePosts: 1,116
    I'm really excited for Wildstar but I have a few concerns about combat based on what I've read. We only have 7 class skills which seems a bit too limited whereas 10-15 might work better. TSW and GW2 come to mind as games that tried to achieve the same goal as you, but fell a bit short and ended up being boring. Also, the CB2 patch notes mention a builder/finisher system. That sounds a lot like the system TSW has, and despite having over 500 skills to choose from there, combat remains limited, repetitive, boring, and uncreative, despite being action combat. How is Carbine going to avoid the problems those games ran into and keep combat fun long term?
  • PieRadPieRad Member Posts: 1,108

    Can you give us info on the payment model yet?



  • DrarormDrarorm Member Posts: 10

    Is there any more information about the scientist path, how does it differ from the explorer?

    Is the payment model something that will soon be announced?

    Can you confirm of the 4th race of the exiles being a zombie and for the dominion a little crazy rat?

    What is your favorite flavor of ice-cream? 

  • WrekhWrekh Member Posts: 8
    Awesome thanks for answer that was my one fear :) Hype level critical! 
  • WoodzfaerieWoodzfaerie Member Posts: 2
    Hello! How is traveling and the death penalty system handled in Wildstar? My first MMO was EQ so I miss the adventurous feeling of traveling and being actually cautious of dying. 
  • RoxtarrRoxtarr Member Posts: 1,122
    How important is it for a studio to be 'flexible' throughout making a game and are there any specific examples of mechanics/systems/features changed significantly during development due to the fluctuating MMO marketplace?

    If in 1982 we played with the current mentality, we would have burned down all the pac man games since the red ghost was clearly OP. Instead we just got better at the game.

  • ShinarCHShinarCH Member Posts: 2

    Hello Jeremy

    - Does everybody who has signed up has a chance to win a beta key or only those who filled out the survey?

    - Will we get another beta key wave this week?


    Many thanks!

  • AlexisSteelAlexisSteel Member UncommonPosts: 5
    I don't have the best internet, it just qualifies as high speed.  I LOVE what I've seen so far of Wildstar.  I have concerns about the action combat, however.  Are you all keeping those of us who aren't in major cities, who have less than ideal internet in mind when comes to server client communications and the dread of all MMO players lag?
  • ea732ea732 Member UncommonPosts: 6
    Sup Gaffney! I've got a few simple question that have been on my mind after recently following Wild Star, lets get to it

    1. How many active skills will be available to the player, specially speaking is it limited to the single skill bar we have seen on the current hud of the game, and you will have to swap out skills of your choosing whilst out of combat. Or will there be additional skill bars that  can be displayed and players can use all the skill they have at their disposal?

    2. for end game PvP will their be PvP oriented Gear to ( i don't want to say farm) achieve for people who put in a good amount of time into PvP, just as raider put a decent amount of time in getting there pve gear?( if so i hope their will be differnet sets, per class for players to choose from, offering different set bonus's and stats).

    3. Will open world PvP be the same in-regards to World of Warcraft, players can group up and raid a main city and what not?

    Thank you for time, i hope you answer my questions :)

    p.s I'm dying to beta test some pvp! lol
  • ppljuiceppljuice Member UncommonPosts: 16
    I am very interested in this game, I especially like the different takes on tradeskills. I can't wait to get my hands on it no matter the price!
  • kizan0601kizan0601 Member UncommonPosts: 58
    Pricing is still under talks I am sure but can we get any indication if it is going the way of Buy the game play for free with micro shop like GW2/TSW, buy game and sub or ftp.
  • TiconzTiconz Member UncommonPosts: 120

    Hey Jeremy, 

    First of all, thanks for taking the time to do this.  The few questions I had were about the servers.  Do you guys plan on making it one giant server or having a few of them? 

    If it is the latter,

    1) will the servers be grouped together in terms of pvp mini games which you can fight only certain servers?

    2)  Will you be able to have multiple characters on one account on various servers.

    Thanks again!

  • ScottyakScottyak Member Posts: 12

    Are 20/40 man raids totally different raids or are they just different group sizes for the same raid?



  • DaGafferDaGaffer Carbine StudiosMember Posts: 62
    Originally posted by Myrrdhinn
    Hello Jeremy! :) My question is: Can someone who hasn't recieved/completed the PreBeta survey back at february participate in the coming beta test two or stess test? JG:  Yep If so, will there be an another wave of surveys before Beta 3?   JG:  Yep.  Troy's doublechecking this though, to make sure - so I might edit this. At launch or post lunch, will there be a spectator mode to watch the epic 40 vs 40 Warplot  matches?   JG:  currently on the post-launch plans, but plans do change - so no promises one way or the other.  Half the team is addicted to LoL so e-sports is a thang for us, but we do want to ship in our lifetimes.  

    Jeremy Gaffney
    Executive Producer, Carbine Studios (Wildstar Online)

  • kittykatdpkittykatdp Member Posts: 5
    (Kataryna from WSC)  Do the <Chuadacted> have male and female?  is there still supposedly a single-gendered race??
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