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Illyriad Updates

IllyMutteringIllyMuttering Member Posts: 1

Hi everyone -

I'm one of the people working on Illyriad, and I just wanted to drop by and say Hi, and let everyone know what we've got planned for the near future - new releases and so on.

The "big picture" is that we're working towards a massive release that will include doubling the map size, with new NPC AI, 3 month or 6 month story arcs, new quests, and a WebGL world map. The effects will be to open up a whole new map area, to allow people to choose what sort of threat they want to face (there will be areas where the NPCs are very aggressive, and others where the NPCs are very chilled; and there will be a Protected zone where layers' cities cannot be attacked by other players, for those who dislike PvP), and to engage in much more depth with the NPCs.

However, this is a big project, and will take a little time. So I'll post updates here on any other releases and improvements that we make. Our existing players will have noticed the crafting system, in-dept trade system, animal AI, etc. that we released last year, and this year we have, for example, given military players lots more options with a rebalancing of the troop production. There will be more updates coming, and I'll be sure to post them here as they happen!

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