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Lets Talk Defiance First DLC And Patch 1.020 Rumors

brycegritbrycegrit Member Posts: 77

My thoughts on the blog post yesterday and going through the content announced on the blog post for the DLC, the patch 1.020 and my questions to Defiance. 


  • thecapitainethecapitaine Member UncommonPosts: 408
    Yeah, I'm pretty excited about this upcoming DLC as well.  I had a strong feeling, especially after the last couple episodes of the show, that the Castithans would be next on the list of playable races.  To be honest, I think I'd pay the 10 bucks just for access to that race and the new storyline/weapon.
  • brycegritbrycegrit Member Posts: 77
    Yeah i saw that DMKano, looking forward to season 2! And yeah it's really exciting to finally have some content and that they will be introducing a new race. Yeah no ideas maybe will see the volge for the first time? Hopefully they will be releasing the patch notes here soon and the full dlc notes. 
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