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Free Anno Online Closed Beta Keys - May 2013

wyedqyfcwyedqyfc Member Posts: 1


From the makers of Anno 2070 comes the browser based game Anno Online. This future free to play title is currently in closed beta. It plays very much like Anno 1404. Troublmaker sits down and plays the first few minutes of the game and introduces many key Anno concepts.

Watch this Video:

Anno Online

How to redeem the codes,

1. Head to Anno Online Official site

2. Fill out the input fields to register or click on "Uplay" to enter your Uplay account

3. Click on "LOGIN" to proceed to the next step

4. Enter your avatar name and select a gameworld/server you want to play on

5. Click on "PLAY NOW" to go to the Beta activation window

6. Enter your Beta key

7. Click on "SEND ENTRY" to activate your key

8. Click "OK" in the confirmation window

9. Click on "PLAY NOW" again to enter the game


If you would like to Play beta, get your Beta Keys from:

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