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EA Conference call: SWTOR with just under 500k subs, 1.7 million free to play



  • Originally posted by Dahkoht

    So fans and folks whose lives are good because of SWTOR ,

    How's it sit that they originally pre launch said (they as in the SWTOR devs) it would compete and possibly surpass WoW subs ?

    I'd call 500 k vs 10 million predicted a failure in any measurement.

    The SWTOR devs said they wouldn't beat WoW, but that they hoped to take a chunk of their subs. They were very specific about this. Try harder.

  • gervaise1gervaise1 Member EpicPosts: 6,919

    Total control of the IP - not quite, Disney retained the right to develop games as well. Got to be good for SWTOR however.

    2nd? Or is it 3rd after WoW and Eve? 2M became 1.7M after all.

    If SWTOR retains 500k subs then things should be OK (writing off development costs!)

    If, however, SWTOR only has c.200k subs - the 500k subs being a blip caused by people buying the xpac - then things are less good.

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