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Path of Exile really?



  • MikeJezZMikeJezZ Member UncommonPosts: 1,183

    I am surprised so many people are actually hating Diablo II in here.


    On the official Diablo III forum, people are bashing Blizzard and especially Jay Wilson for removing the roots so much that it is frankly only the name that's left from the original game.


    In here people bash Diablo II.


    And I really dont understand why.


    Do people hate detailed leveling, and just want the game to do it for you, like Diablo III does?


    Diablo II were 30 % RPG, and 70 % Action


    Diablo III is 5% RPG, and 95% action.

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  • zymurgeistzymurgeist Member RarePosts: 5,484
    Originally posted by redcapp
    Originally posted by StonesDK
    The game wouldn't even be on anybody's radar if it wasn't for the D3 fiasco. People needed a game to run crying to.

    I hardly love the game like some do, but this is not true honestly.  This game was generating interest long before D3 was released.

    That's alright. D3 was generating hate as soon as it was announced. People will bash on anything because all the other cool kids are doing it. Thoughtful criticism is as rare as hens teeth these days. The mechanics behind PoE are fine. It's a bit ugly and clunky but they didn't have the budget for much else. It does look worlds better than D2 though.

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  • sibs4455sibs4455 Member UncommonPosts: 369

    Diablo2 median_xl mod will always have a place on my pc, also Diablo1 hd mod is due out soon (not checked for a while on hd mod), the old classic games still have a place in most gamers hearts.


    Arpg are fast with frantic action, a none stop killing orgy with lots of loot, also you have online co-op play ... which can make these type of games a lot more fun than some of the mmorpg that are on the market.


    PoE is a free2play arpg, the cash shop is all fluff stuff ... just how f2p games should be, still the game has issues eg  dsync for melee hardcore  charactors, but hopefully the devs will sort out all the problems with the game before release.



    There is a arpg called Grim Dawn that has just gone alpha, this game looks loads of fun too.





  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 CommonPosts: 6,690
    Making a dual wield dex fighter and having a blast so far.
  • OmaliOmali MMO Business CorrespondentMember UncommonPosts: 1,171
    OP's argument can be summed up as 'I don't understand why people have different opinions than me."

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  • thinktank001thinktank001 Member UncommonPosts: 2,144

    There is not much to like about this game after the 1.00 patch.  It feels more like a D3 clone than a D2 clone.   


  • ZezdaZezda Member UncommonPosts: 686
    Originally posted by thinktank001

    There is not much to like about this game after the 1.00 patch.  It feels more like a D3 clone than a D2 clone.   


    You're 100% correct, I especially liked the part where you backed up your claim with evidence.

  • danmax67danmax67 Member UncommonPosts: 37
    I dunno. I like PoE. It's my guilty little pleasure escape from my more 'serious' mmo life.
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