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PvP players, have you tried forge recently?

VigilianceVigiliance Member UncommonPosts: 213

To all of those who really enjoy a good run of pvp, I recommend Forge, great game even in its beta stages with issues I enjoyed the game enough to spend an extra 30$ giving out gift copies. I think the game represents many great aspects of pvp.

The game has a very familar MMO interface with customizable hotkeys etc.

No tab target system you have aim your abilitys, although ranged attacks to be fair have homing. Meaning you have to have a clear shot and actually aim over their body to fire and hit them. However arrows and projectiles will not turn corners or go through walls so you can run for cover. (with how the big levels are its understandable).


CC light, while there is CC in the game none of it lasts more then 2-3 seconds and your immune to further CC for some time.


Unreal Tournament Engine: Fast paced, wall jumping, running sprinting goodness. The wall jumping in this game is awesome and really adds to the twitch factors giving everyone an escape route.


Very Team oriented: Although you will get many games where its fun and effective to solo, the game really shines when everyone is working together to use the best of their classes mechanics and abilitys.


Creative Skill design: You'll find many additional uses for almost every skill that isnt a basic damage skill


Energy system: Yes you have manage energy to use all of your skills, its not incredibly complex but every time you sprint, block, jump, or use any skill that isn't left click your spending AP.



Customization features: The ability to interchange different types of armor (4 different types of damage and armor to calculate mitigation) at the costs of other types of armor (equal exchange). You can also trade speed, energy, or armor interchangably with customizaton points as you level up.



Leveling up: The good part here is that the leveling system gives you some ability modifications, a few new armor vanity sets,  titles, and customization points.



King of the hill, death match, and capture the relic (flag) modes.


Ofcourse for you Arena Junkies they have Arena matchs and ladders, leader boards and personal statistics.


Best part is..

 NO GEAR, a level 1 character can compete with a level 100 character with a good shot of winning. The ability modifcations all have significant up and downsides (so they are very situational), and no matter how much you interchange armors, speed and energy you always have the same total value amount. They are just placed in different areas.

It really is about how good you are at operating your character and knowing what your opponent can do and working around or through it.


The game is available on steam, currently 20$.  I have seen it go down to 5$ multiple times but if your a pvp lover I really think its worth the 20$. I have put in about over a 100 hours into the game and I love it.  Great for those times where you just want to pick up and play.


  • KuppaKuppa Member UncommonPosts: 3,292
    Im currently looking for games to add to my pvp rotation, saw your post and checked it out. Unfortunately it looks like the MMO pvp version of Unreal Tournament. Which makes sense after I came back to finish reading your post and see it's made with the Unreal Engine. It looks too floaty for my tastes, I was never a big fan of the high jumping and crazy gameplay of Unreal either.



  • VigilianceVigiliance Member UncommonPosts: 213
    So few people use it honestly...  but i get it if you don't enjoy the engine.
  • AtoryAtory Member Posts: 7
    Forge is an ambitious mixture of genres--PVP and team FPS--but it's not polished enough and doesn't have quite enough content to work completely yet. Dark Vale has their work cut out for them making Forge a complete and intuitive experience, but the potential is there.
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