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TAW is Recruiting (2300 members gaming community)

mazzemmazzem Member Posts: 4
TAW is Recruiting
(2300 members gaming community)

The Art of Warfare (TAW) is recruiting mature players for our Path of Exile team. TAW is a well established global multi-game organization with membership that has been live aroung the globe since 2001 with well past 2300 players spanning over 25 games on every continent.

What We Offer

In TAW, we offer a fun, structured gaming environment for all our members. All our game divisions hold regular practices or events twice a week. Our field leaders work hard to prepare exciting tournaments, competitions, and events, so you can rest assured that your fellow division members will show up! In addition, the training staff of your division constantly works on new ways to help you improve your game!

Does TAW seem like something you’re interested in? Then feel free to head on over to and fill out an application! If you have any questions you'd like answered before applying, then feel free to post them here, by email or contact us on the website.

See you soon !

Requirements :

· Have a working microphone or headset. (We use Teamspeak)
· Fill out a member application at our main website.
· Be generally available 2 nights per week for team-play.
· Be willing to follow our Code of Ethics.
· Be willing to have fun!

Some other useful links

A History of TAW

Our Code of Ethics

What we offer

Application Process
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