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Web UI

RocketeerRocketeer Member UncommonPosts: 1,303

I know what your thinking, but they are taking it further:

Web UI


To me thats kinda big, i still remember the big performance problems CCP had with its UI until some time ago. Sounds silly these days, but apparently writing a customizable elegant UI thats not a system hog isn't a nobrainer and actually requires some effort. Using html and javascript? Man you could literally make the UI look like whatever you want.

And access to everything thats not requirering a char in the world? We'll some of it has been done in a clunky we-got-an-app-on-some-devices kind of way, but with just a web browser? Through customizable interfaces?


I like it, UI is like the ass of your char, you'll look at it alot it should be pretty. Wait a sec ... nvm good analogy.

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