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How is the grind ?

calranthecalranthe Member UncommonPosts: 359

Both me and wife love the setting, space and ground combat, love the missions and episodes, we left due to the dilithium grind, how is the currency conversion going for zen/di at the moment, I remember back when it was 500d/1z but that was a long time ago and do not expect it to ever be that good again.

As a small two person fleet who pretty much do everything together  would it still be like a second job to raise the amount of Dilithium needed for omega etc.


  • thecapitainethecapitaine Member UncommonPosts: 408

    The short answer is no, the grind has not changed substantively in quite some time.  With Season 6 there was a revamp of dil rewards but the devs subsequently went back and adjusted things a bit more in the player's favor.  That said, if you want to earn dilithium, you're going to put some time in on a regular basis, just as before.  I can't speak to current exchange rates, both because I rarely used it and because I haven't been logged in for about 3 weeks.  I don't know when you've last played but in my opinion-- and I'm sure others can chime in with clarifications or refutations-- the game has become increasingly unfriendly towards small fleets and their ability to stay afloat.


    All that said, if you enjoy the gameplay, I see no reason not to jump in and see for yourself if it's any better or worse than you remember.  I'm not a fan of its cash shop or lockboxes but there's something undeniably fun that keeps me logging in every now and again for some action.

  • ValoreahValoreah Member Posts: 75

    It's not difficult to raise the dilithium needed for OMEGA items.  Mostly, it's more a question of the time involved due to the completion timer cooldowns on the reputation projects.  Soon as you complete an OMEGA or Romulan Rep project, there is a 20 hour timer before you can begin the next project.


    If you're interested in trying the fleet starbase or embassy content, I would have to advise against it.  The amount of resources (EC, DOFFS, consumables, dilithium etc.) is cumbersome for groups of 25+.  For 2 people, you'd be looking at a multi-year committment.

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