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Legionnaire Looking for more core members

LaromussLaromuss Member UncommonPosts: 331

Hey all,

We are looking for some members to join us in Neverwinter Online.  We plan to run multiple groups that will hit up dungeons, pvp, pve and just plain old fun.  If you're chill, patient, can take initiative, and have sense a humour come on over to our site.  Its still being overhauled/improved but definitely a great place to talk about gaming, post pictures, and talk to others about games (offline or online).  We do have Vent and are testing out Razer Comm, if it works, and is easy to use we'll be switching over to it.  

Currently some of members are playing defiance but once Neverwinter kicks on we'll be putting more time into Neverwinter.  Well I know I'll be juggling both games.  So if you got a bit of thick skin have things to talk about or not come over and check us out and apply at:

photo guildrecruit_zps7a1ba051.jpg

I'm pretty excited to play Neverwinter and will be trashing mobs, other players with my EPIC great weapon fighter.  See you in game soon!  Even if you aren't playing any online games join us anyway and share your experiences on the guild page via screen shot, youtube video etc.  On the side i've been playing Bio shock infinite which is a great game.


  • DruosDruos Member Posts: 11
    Is the game already released? do you have beta keys?
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