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The New Xbox is being unveiled on 21 May 2013



  • ShauneepeakShauneepeak Member UncommonPosts: 424
    Originally posted by fivoroth
    Originally posted by Shauneepeak
    Originally posted by Gravarg

    I'm done with consoles.  Between thier poor manufacturing, high costs (for what they do), and inevitable loss of support, consoles are dead to me.  


    In the last generation I went through 3 xbox 360s (luckily all covered under the warranty I bought), and 2 playstation 3s (also covered by warranties, but cost $70 to ship back and forth...really?).  Consoles have gone way down hill.  They may be more popular than back when I was playing on my NES or Atari 2600, but both of them still work fine...and I only ever had one of them.   If that doesn't show how good they make consoles these days, I dunno what will.  At least computers last ~10 years before usually the graphics card fries.


    For the price of consoles, you can get a good mid range gaming computer that will do more than just play games and netflix, not to mention the keyboard/mouse is a much better set up that generally comes free with any computer...and you can always use your old keyboard and mouse...if you want to use a controller on a PC you can do so easily.  There are both drivers for xbox and ps3 controllers.  So I look at it you get all the peripherals you need to play for free.  Games for consoles also seem to lack content,  If you look at PC only games like MMOs, You'll get several hundred hours of playtime out of them for the same price.  On a console, I don't think I've gotten over 100 hours since Ocarina of Time for the N64.  Maybe Mariokart for the wii...


    Eventually, even on PC, you lose support and people stop making games that will run on your system.  It just seems that with consoles it happens alot quicker.  Most PC games require you to at least have a Geforce 8800, which was released in 2006...which also happens to be the same year the PS3 launched, the xbox 360 was launched a year before.  Now even though they have launched all around the same time as the Geforce 8800.  Most people have a computer with a graphics card newer than that.  People tend to update or buy a new computer around every 4 years on average, at least that's what they tell you in Dell classes when you work for them hehe.  I know that consoles get "updated" with new versions every once in awhile too, but really the graphics quality doesn't change much between the versions, unlike computers.


    Summary: Computers are just superior in everyway over consoles...

    also don't forget surprisingly many people are too stupid to install a game ridiculous IK.

    I think that's a bit harsh. I don't think anyone who can use a PC will have any troubles installing a game. The installation for every game is something like > Boot CD > Install > Next > Next > Bam installed and you can now play it. The people who can't operate a PC at all most likely will not have a console either hehe.

    I know it sounds harsh but it is honestly true just like there Really are people who can't boil a pot of water. Don't ask me why people can't but some just can't. I have been called over to help install very simple programs in school multiple times luckily after you show people they usually get it but some people just can't be helped.

  • TeiloTeilo Member Posts: 284
    Originally posted by jdnewell

    After my 2nd Xbox 360 went kaput I bought a PS3 and have never looked back. I still have that same PS3 5 years later still going strong.

    Needless to say when I do buy a new console it will be a PS4.

    I bought a 360 the month they came out here in the UK - I finally replaced it last month after the gfx chip gave up on me, according to YouTube I could have fixed it, but I took the opportunitity to upgrade to smaller, quieter model with more storage.

    Over the years it red-ringed twice and both times I fixed it myself.

    They had a bad rep, but mine served me well.


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