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"Awards" are everything now!

SwankdSwankd Member UncommonPosts: 241
I don't know about everyone else, but it really seems like "Awards" and "Achievements" is everything nowadays. They play only for one reason and that is to gain those achivement points or to atain those awards. Playing GW2, I hear people talk about how many achievement points they have or how many dfferent awards they have achieved and I think to myself, "Is this what it has become?". Is this the only reason people play MMO's now? To gain achievements and awards and gain those titles so they look good? Or do they strive to make their guild or clan the best in the game or to get the best equipment in the game or to gain the most money? I have been playing Runes of Magic a lot lately because back in the day I was really addicted to it. I've put in over 1200 hours and have enjoyed every moment. It has made me miss the interactions between guilds that is lacking with MMOs these days. The community in RoM is the best I have ever seen. I have played them all and I am always being drawn to RoM. Everyone is so active and it is easy to find a guild and get inserted into Siege Wars every night. If you are looking for an active PvP game with active guilds and active members then go for Runes of Magic. The crafting is fun, the leveling is fun, the dungeon running is fun, and you will not be dissappointed. Hit me up with any comments! I just feel like MMOs nowadays have to have this list of achievements or awards for players to obtain that set them apart from other players. It's not all about that. It's about how you help your guild, how you help others, and how you contribute to the community that you are a part of.



  • PadieuPadieu Member Posts: 40
    you are comparing different game, with different features.  And i think you are a classic player because you still in the grinding or pay to win concept of gaming. For gears? i think the Guild wars 2 has a good community and realyl a user friendly it's easy to make friends and find a guild. 


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