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We want YOU for our multiplayer beta!

MeltdownZAMeltdownZA Member Posts: 15

Monster Truck Racing Arenas is an indie racing game with a mix of arcade and simulation racing elements...
The game boasts the following features..


- 7 highly detailed racing arenas, including a car-crushing time trial arena, and a long jump arena!

- Day and night racing, in sand, mud or snow track conditions

- Single player or multiplayer in a ranked online racing league with cash prizes!

- Upgrade shop with over 40 items to upgrade your trucks performance between races

- Manual pit stops to top up on fuel, nitro, and to repair any damage

We are accepting entries for the upcoming multiplayer beta, so please sign up for the beta on our website!

Here are some screenshots from the game...




  • HinondHinond Member Posts: 10
    The game looks interesting, I've only played crazy cart as i remember, will read more about the game and if the reviews were great I will try to play it if I have time :)
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