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Help me remember older PC game: Russian Developer, ships fighting/defend base

ChaosProdigyChaosProdigy Member Posts: 45

Anyone help me with this game name? It would be an epic iOS/Android port.

Around year 2000 i played a game by a russian develper i think it was a demo on PC Gamer magazine CD. Anyhow it was a single player/multiplayer vs game where you had a base to defend and you would build forts that shoot cannon like bullets and major action focus was on building ships for fishing, mining gold and combat. I clearly remeber there was a ramming ship with gold tipped front and a fat bomber ship etc.There was fishing spots and rare whale fishing spots and also sea monsters randomly.

Game had a top down view very much like Starcraft and ships and buildings were relatively small compared to whole map. It was a PC game back before Windows XP I'm pretty sure.



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