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Sup? Looking for more...

Not much. Just siting here looking for new folks to chill with when Im not working. What's up with you? Me? Oh nothing much. Just entered the title of the thread saying "Sup? Looking for more..." then you came in and interrupted my line of thought... asshole.

Lol. Enjoyed me talking to myself did you? No? Good. Just saying hey, hi, how's it going, and what's up. New to these forums as I am trying to find a game or two where I can sit down and let it brainwash me for a couple of hours that eventually lead into a few weeks, perhaps years. 

Little info about myself and what I currently play -

Name is Paul, but I usually go with the username "TheRandomMan" and if that doesnt work numbers usually follow. I am 22 years old and I have a full-time night job. Current games I've enlisted in my life are: Eden Eternal, Combat Arms, League of Legends, Torchlight 2, Bioshock Infinite, Minecraft, Borderlans 2, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (I am looking forward to ESO).

My ID List - 

Razer ID: TheRandomShz

Raidcall ID: pjbarrasi

Combat Arms ID: TheRandomMan

Eden Eternal ID: UnsafePractice (Diamond Server)

Minecraft ID: PaulThePirate

Torchlight 2 ID: CaptainPaul

League of Legends ID: ShinyManBearPig

Steam ID:

Find any of those that you play and add me or tell me a good game you think I might enjoy and then add me. Whatever is the wiser.


Peace out folks.


  • RynemRynem Member Posts: 5



    I have steam ID : Padieu

    You can add me :)

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