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A comic I made

Hello, here is a little comic I made. This is about Clowny and I figured he is playing a mmo so some people might be able to relate to it here on these forums. I'm still getting used to the software and stuff so the artwork should improve as I go. I'm overseas, bored and this fills up alot of my down time (little that I have) with fun times. I tried to play a few mmos out here but everything runs like hot garbage. Well anyway, here is the link:

Its a series so you will have to go to page 1 for some of it to make sense.


Forgot to mention. It has vulgar language.


  • ElikalElikal Member UncommonPosts: 7,912
    Hehe, yeah so it is. Nice. :)

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  • HinondHinond Member Posts: 10
    Nice comic... ^_^
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