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A review of sorts

BrucyBonusBrucyBonus Member Posts: 220

I will keep it brief because no-one wants to read great blocks of text: -

Aesthetics 6/10

They are nothing special but serve their purpose admirally.  They are rather cartoony with limited customization options, but they look good enough to play.  Be careful picking your flag colours upfront because they dictate your minion colours; they can also look shit as the flag is often compressed/ stretched to fit your boat/ flag in game. 

Gameplay 8/10

This is where the game excels.  It is turn-based simple chess and a lot of fun.  The early levels probably give a poor indication of the fun to be had at later levels when more moves are available. 

Innovation 8/10

It is far more innovative than the so-called innovative games (*cough* GW2).  It brings a whole new combat system not to be found elsewhere in mmo's.  It is complex in its simplicity, and relatively gentle turn-based by design.  Is great for those people who want to display skill without hovering over their keyboard relenlessly.  

Polish 8/10

I have found few bugs, certainly no game breakers.  It plays well.

Longevity 8/10

It is consistently fun and has a slow levelling profile.  It is difficult in places in the manner that is missing from most modern mmo's.  About 60% of the story is currently available with the rest to come in expansions.

Social 9/10

It is family friendly which means there are limited chat options.  The main town acts as a hub and you can port instantly to friends to assist.  It feels far more social than most recent releases.  

Value 6/10

This is where the game falls down slightly.  Despite the labels it is not F2P, you have to subscribe or buy content above the first area.  There is no P2W but some of the items in the cash shop arre exclusive and the dam random loot cards promote a certain sense of gambling that feels out of place in a 'family friendly' game.  

Overall 7/10 

That's it.   



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