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Defiance Madera Pursuit Guide

brycegritbrycegrit Member Posts: 77

This guide shows all the locations, data recorder locations and a tip on the Hotshot: Reservoir Chickens. Do you like seeing video's like this or would you rather just see the data recorder locations and locations in one or two videos without all the extra content in there? Enjoy the video!




  • fallenlordsfallenlords Member UncommonPosts: 683
    Great video, need the data recorders and the chickens in this area.  Those blooming chickens are driving me mad.  Well at least I can locate the data recorders now :)
  • lordtwistedlordtwisted Member UncommonPosts: 570

    Thanks again Bryce, started using your videos yesterday and got three more pursuits done, some reason hunting the recorders just isn't entertaining to me, so your videos are great there. 

     I started using your Episode 1 pursuits guide too, but the one event that you mentioned might be bugged, would never spawn. 

     No enemies anywhere in the area, but no spawn last night, hopefully it will be there today. 


     I do have one request for future videos though, sometimes when you show your location on he map, you are kind of zoomed in,and it is really difficult to tell where you are unless there is a visible landmark, perhaps you could hover over a nearby time trial, or side mission so we can see the name of it? 

      Other than that easy to follow, looking forward to clearing some more pursuits today. By the way, subscribed to your youtube channel, and sent a few people I grouped with to it too that were wondering how I found all the recoders for one of the pursuits.


     Keep them comming.

    Not so nice guy!

  • brycegritbrycegrit Member Posts: 77
    Thanks everyone and Lordtwised thanks for sharing them!  i don't know what is up with the episode pursuits. I've had a lot of friends find them there as well and i do know they released a 1.010 patch that was supposed to fix a lot of the bug and glitches in the episode pursuits. Ok, ill try to make that happen in future videos and say what the place is nearby.
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